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Fresh Cut Flowers

We guarantee our customers the freshest and best quality blooms of the day. It is our assurance to our customers that we will only deliver the best and freshest blooms. Our Imported flowers are seasonal fresh cut-flowers which are flown in consistently from all around the world such as Holland, China, India etc. Our local flowers come from Cameron Highlands daily. We also provide Phalaenopsis orchid which are pot orchid plants. Take a look through all of our flower collections and order all the flowers you need today so you'll be all ready for that great event coming up.

Foliage & Filler Collection

Foliage plays a role in a flower arrangement that is as important as the flowers themselves. The addition of foliage and filler to your bouquet or flower arrangement will highlight the vibrant colours of your fresh cut roses or mixed flowers.


Floral Foam

Flower Paper & Wrapping Material And Ribbon

Flower Basket

Other Floral Accessories