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Super Mop

Finished mop complete with plastic cap / socket / connector for household usage. Sizes ranging from 100gms to 500gms per piece

Kentucky Mop

Kentucky Mop is a type of industrial mop head intended for commercial and industrial with highly durable, lasting and provides better cleaning effect. Kentucky mop has band in the middle with choices of 4 colours to differentiate the zone and usage. Kentucky mop head is fitted to a strong and sturdy Kentucky Mop Clip, with 4 colours ( Blue, Red, Green & Yellow ) available to match the band colour and best recommended to be used with aluminium handles for heavy duty usage.

Dust Mop

Dust Mop (Lobby Mop) is a dry mop mainly use for collecting loose dust, dirt, sands and etc. This dry mop is the most effective method of cleaning which provides fast and effective cleaning of small to medium size areas. Dust mop is an important part of cleaning tools and equipment as initial cleaning process towards a cleaner environment. It’s commonly used at hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, convention centres and etc. for drying cleaning tasks.

Circular Mop / Dolly Mop