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Asystasia Sdn Bhd based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was incorporated in 2007 with the principle of sourcing various products from Malaysia to overseas markets. The endeavor of the company is to offer a consistent and reliable products and prices appealing to business markets. To achieve this, we provide our customers, in a cost effective manner, the widest range of products and services possible. Our strength lies in our dedicated sourcing team, our systematic quality control at the origin of the goods and in our expertise in logistics and transport related issues.

The company has since built a healthy base and strong bonding with both suppliers and customers. Currently, the company exports actively around the globe and our clients are from Maldives, Schyelles, Sri-Lanka, India and constantly adding more customers to our list. We are proud to state that our company secured weekly orders to supply products such as fresh cut flowers, home decorative items and consumer items to Maldives.

The company offer valuable additional services for customers such as freight forwarding, handling of local logistics which can add to the productivity and efficiency of our services.